Merdeka 2013: Rare MAF Assets Make A Debut

This year’s Merdeka 2013 parade is perhaps one of the most interesting parade ever being held with several MAF assets which rarely make their appearance in public were showcased during the event.

The RMAF Eurocopter EC-725 Super Cougar CSAR helicopter was among helicopters operated by the MAF, the RMP and the MMEA which took part during the flypast.

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The Malaysian Army on the other hand showcased its new DEFTECH AV-8 Armoured Wheel Vehicle as well as rare variants of DEFTECH ACV-300 Adnan and PT-91M Pendekar MBT. (here)

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Some of the assets paraded during the event have been actively involved during Ops Daulat. These include the RMAF Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri, the RMN AgustaWestland Super Lynx Mk 300 and Eurocopter AS-555SN Fennec, the Malaysian Army AgustaWestland A-109LOH, Adnan ACV, Radpanzer Condor, Uro VAMTAC etc.

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The on the other hand RMP has also paraded its Shorland Armoured Car, Eurocopter AS350N Squirrel helicopter etc.

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