PUTD’s Future Plan

It is no secret that the Malaysian Army Aviation Unit or better known as the Pasukan Udara Tentera Darat (PUTD) has the intention to procure transport and attack helicopters just like any other Army Aviation unit in the region.

As has been disclosed by the Chief of the Armed Forces, several Nuri helicopter could be operated by the Army once the RMAF receives the full strength of the still on going deliveries of EC-725 Super Cougar CSAR helicopter. (here)


It has been said that AIROD has proposed to the Army a Pay By The Hour system for the usage of Nuri helicopters by PUTD. Nevertheless, the proposal is currently being studied by the Army of its feasibility.

It has also being informed that the Army had sent several of its pilots to France to be exposed with attack helicopter operation especially with the Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter. According to the Army Chief, the program has appear to have positive effect on PUTD aviators involved in the Tiger helicopter pilot detachment program and it is believed that the program will be continued. The Army has been eyeing for the Tiger since 2010 and is hoping that its requirement for attack helicopters could be fulfilled during the current 10th Malaysia Plan.

Eurocopter Tiger during LIMA 2011

Eurocopter Tiger during LIMA 2011


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