Malaysian Army Unveils DEFTECH AV-8 Prototype

Malaysian Army has unveiled the long awaited DEFTECH AV-8 armoured vehicle prototype during a military parade in Port Dickson on March 2 in conjunction of the Malaysian Army’s 80th anniversary.

The prototype features Bushmaster 25mm gun turret similar to those currently equipping 211+ DEFTECH ACV-300 Adnan tracked armoured vehicle. Just like the Adnan, the new AV-8 is also a product of joint venture between Malaysia’s DEFTECH and Turkey’s FNSS Defence System. (More on DEFTECH AV-8 here)



Also featured during the inaugural appearance of the AV-8 were Malaysian soldiers equipped with future soldier system known as the Soldier Advanced Kombat Technology Integrated (SAKTI). The future soldier system is being developed by SAPURA as part of MAF 4D strategic plan. It is envisaged by the Army that SAKTI equipped troops will operate in tandem with the AV-8 in the future as part of the country’s network centric operation (NCO). (More on SAPURA’s SAKTI here)

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