The Malaysian Army and EW

I’ve just read an interesting articles from these two blogs (here and here) about the Malaysian Army’s capabilities in terms of conducting electronic warfare (EW). I have no knowledge about EW but to me, should the two posts are true then I am very much impressed with the Army’s capabilities.

The Malaysian Army has already have VERA-E passive radiolocator to boost its electronic support measures capabilities.


Various radars have also being acquired. Saab ARTHUR radar mounted on Hagglund Bv 206 are for artillery hunting. The Army had also procured mobile radar from Turkey.




If you visit the Malaysian Army Museum at Port Dickson, you might notice a huge radar dish which if I’m not mistaken was previously operated by the Royal Signal Regiment (Rejimen Semboyan DiRaja – RSD).


Various Malaysian agencies such as the MMEA, RMP, BOMBA, Immigration Department, Royal Custom Department and many more are also using the Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN).

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