Malaysia’s SAKTI Future Soldier Programme

As part of the Malaysian Armed Forces 4 Dimension (MAF 4D) strategic plan, a future soldier program known as Soldier Advanced Kombat Technology Integrated (SAKTI) has been established by the Ministry of Defence. It is envisaged that by the end of 2012, an experimental platoon equipped with the prototype equipment could be fielded for further work and evaluation.


Rather than a truly independent program, SAKTI has been linked with the Network Centric Operation (NCO) program in which the first phase known as Phase 1A is due to complete by early 2014. The follow on phase, to be known as Phase 1B will acquire new capabilities with SAKTI as well as the inclusion of Battle Management System (BMS).

SAPURA has nevertheless outline its Future Soldier concept into three areas of work namely the Head Sub System (HSS), Body Sub System (BSS) and Weapon Sub System (WSS). The HSS consist of Head-Mounted Micro Camera, NVG,HMD, earpiece and microphone. The WSS on the other hand consist of a Rifle Control Unit with five button wireless controller. Meanwhile, the BSS is consist of a controller system, energy unit with powerpack, micro camera and HMD.

Supporting SAPURA in the development of SAKTI is the KEMENTAH’s Science and Technology Research Institute for Defence or better known as STRIDE. The agency has begun an evaluation on the sub-system in 2011 which covers the evaluation of NVG and HMD as well as ergonomic and comfort of the whole system.


A new uniform with fractal geometry design to replace the current Harimau Belang pattern is also being developed by STRIDE as part of the program. STRIDE hope to have sample of cloth, enough for the production of ten uniform with the new design for field testing.

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