MALCON ISAF 5 Set To Continue Malaysian Mission In Afghanistan

Malaysian assistance towards the stability and development of Afghanistan contnues when the MAF has deployed the latest contingent of MALCON ISAF 5 which will replace the current MALCON ISAF 4 team which has been deployed to Bamyan since the last six months.


For the first time, the Malaysian contingent will be headed by a Special Operation Force officer, Lt Kol Zulkinine Yusof. The 40 members team will consist of a medical unit, a dental unit as well as general safety and administrative/logistic unit which were drawn from various units of the MAF. Of these, 5 of the team members are female.

An advance group of three officers and two other ranks has left for Afghanistan yesterday via RAAF C-17 Globemaster III aircraft from Subang AFB enroute to Dubai and Kandahar. The rest of the contingent would be leaving Malaysia via a commercial flight from KLIA enroute to Dubai and Baghram.

RAAF C-17 Globemaster III

Similar to the previous deployments, MALCON ISAF 5 team will be deployed for six months before ending their mission on April next year. MAF has initiated Ops INSAF (Interim National Support and Assitance Force) since 2010. The operation is scheduled to end by August 2013 as accordance to the MoU signed between the Malaysian Government and the Afghan Government. It is likely that the mission would be continued beyond August 2013. Nevertheless, such decision will depend on Government’s decision.

Over the past 2 years, general public health in MALCON ISAF area of responsibility has become increasingly well. The teams have been installing solar panels on top of Afghan schools and healthcare centres. A program to control the outbreak of bruselosis disease has also being implemented by the team. MALCON ISAF has also introduced an innovative water filter design which has been receiving accreditation from WHO.

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