Royal Malaysian Police Air Wing (UUP) Update

The Royal Malaysian Police’s Unit Udara Polis or UUP has been renamed as Pasukan Gerakan Udara, PGU or Air Operation Force in line with its standing fleet and responsibilities. PGU now has 21 fixed wing aircraft and 12 helicopters which consist of 12 AS 355F2 and AS 355N, 5 Beech 350 Super King Air, 4 Cessna C172SP, 6 Cessna C208 Caravan and 5 Pilatus PC-6 Porter.

These assets are deployed at four bases spread across East and Peninsular Malaysia. While the relocation and closure of of Sg Besi AFB in Kuala Lumpur is immenant, PGU still maintain its headquarters at the airbase for the time being until the eventual relocation. Its Sabah base is located at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) with two fixed wing aircraft and two helicopter.

PGU has two base in Sarawak, one is in Miri and the other at Kuching International Airport (KIA). Similar to those in Sabah, two fixed wing aircraft and two helicopter are allocated for operation in Sarawak.

PGU maintains a training center at Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh where its Cessna C172Sp trainers are located.

Two of PGU Beechcraft are currently in Wichita where the Telephonics RDR-1500D Airborne Search and Surveillance Radar enhanced for sea search operation are installed onboard the aircraft. Three of PGU’s AS 355N helicopters have been installed with Westcam MX-15 surveillance camera where they have become in handy to monitor protesters during the recent demonstration in Kuala Lumpur.

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