AirAsia Flight AK587 Incident

Passengers of AirAsia Flight AK587 from Miri to KLIA had horrific flight of their life when a 24 year old man by the name of Chong opened the plane’s emergency exit and jumped off the aircraft while the aircraft was moving on the runway.

The unanticipated action made by the man had caused the plane to take sudden halt while preparing to take off from the runway thus causing panic among the other passengers. Kosmo! Ahad newspaper reports that the man yelled, “Saya mahu pulang (I want to go home) before jumping off the aircraft and leaving his girl friend on the plane.

AirAsia Flight Operation Director said that the passenger however did not suffer any injuries as a result of his action. He has been taken to Miri Hospital for treatment. The incident has caused the flight which is scheduled for take off at 1940H to be delayed until 2300 H.

Miri police is currently investigating the incident. Chong nevertheless claimed that he had taken such action after he saw a dark entity with scary look sitting in one of the passengers’ seats which scared him and caused him not to think right.

He had asked the air stewardess to disembark from the Airbus A 320 but she ignored his request as the airplane is already moving. MAHB operation Service Senior General Manager said that such incident is isolated and publicised. The incident does not reflect that security measures in the airport as well as the aircraft are low. This incident has been considered as unusual and unprecedented.

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