Religious Cult Blamed On Putrajaya Amok Incident

The Royal Malaysian Police believed that the two individuals that involved in Putrajaya Amok incident suffered mental problems after following some sort of religious cult. All of the suspects does not have any previous criminal record.

Over the years, there has been several attacks which involved members of religious cult in this country. These cults such as Al-Arqam, Al-Ma’unah and many more are mostly deviate from the true teachings of Islam.

The Al-Ma’unah

The Al-Ma’unah cult for example has made the headline when the cult’s leader and 29 of his follower dressed in military uniform, stormed a Territorial Army camp in Gerik, Perak and took away a huge cache of weaponry including 97 M-16 assault rifles, 2 Steyr AUG assault rifles, 4 GPMG, 6 LMG, 5 grenade launchers as well as their ammunitions before hid themselves in the jungle of Bukit Jenalik, Perak.

Weapons took away by the Al-Ma’unah members

This incident lead to a three days standoff between the group and the security forces known as  Ops Subuh Sauk or Ops Khas 304. The Al-Ma’unah managed to detained three hostages, two of which, Detective Corporal Sanghadevan from the RMP and Trooper Mathew anak Medan from 22 RGK were tortured and killed.

The incident finally end when 43 Malaysian Army commandos from 22nd Special Forces Regiment (22RGK) boarding 4 Condor APC from Royal Armoured Corp stormed the cult’s encampment. In the end, one Al-Ma’unah member was killed and 5 more wounded. Two hostages a civilian and a policeman were released.

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