MAS To Retire Its Boeing 747-400

MAS will gradually phase out its ageing Boeing 747-400 aircraft and replace them with the new A 380. The phasing out exercise of the Boeing 747-400 aircraft is part of MAS plan to retired 36 of its legacy aircraft and is expected to be completed by March next year.

MAS Boeing 747-400

The Malaysian Airlines first love relationship with Boeing’s Jumbo Jet when it first received the Boeing 747-200 decades ago. Several years later, the new -400 variant was procured and these have been the main mount for the airline’s oversea’s flights including the Los Angeles and Buenos Aires route.

MAS Boeing 747-200

MAS Boeing 747-400 adorned with special colour scheme

As times passes by, some of the -200 were handed to MASKargo while the -400 were used for chartered flights, supporting Malaysian peacekeeping troops in Lebanon as well as being leased to various airlines including Al-Wafeer Air and EagleExpress.

MASKargo Boeing 747-400

A Boeing 747-200F leased by MASKargo

One of two Boeing 747-400 leased by Al-Wafeer Air from MAS

The same exercise has been done by its southern rival, the SIA last April, bidding goodbye to its Boeing 747-400 aircraft on its final flight from Changi to Hong Kong. The Jumbo Jet has been operational with SIA for more than 38 years. They too will be replaced by the A 380 Super Jumbo aircraft.

Although the new generation Boeing 747-8I has been in the market for several years now, it is reported that Boeing has only garnered 36 orders to date. Nevertheless, the company projected that the market value within the next 20 years will be worthed USD 4.5 trillion for 34,000 new aircraft.

Of these, USD 2.5 trillion will be contributed through the sales of Boeing 747-8, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Except for the Boeing 777, MAS has not operate nor order any of the new Boeing 747-8 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing 747-8

In other development, MAS has taken the step to increase its destination by introducing the KL Kathmandu flights starting from September. The thrice weekly flights will utilize its new Boeing 737-800 with 1444 economy class and 16 business class seating.

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