AirAsia Warns Public On Lottery Scam

AirAsia has adviced its customer that the company does not directly nor indirectly involved with organisation or any lottery programme which promised lucrative cash prizes using any shopping voucher programme.

A statement from the airline said that AirAsia has received information with regard to the public as well as its customers which received messages in the form of e-mails that invite them to participate in lottery program or 1Malaysia shopping vouchers.

The programme known as 2012 AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus Programme which offered cash prizes of upto USD 130,000 is said to be organised by an entity using the name “AirAsia (Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarter) which its address is Ground Floor, Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, Tanjung Aru, Sabah.

Meanwhile the 1Malaysia Shopping Voucher programme is offering AirAsia’s RM 5,000 worth of vouchers to tempt invitees to provide their personal details. Therefore as security measures, AirAsia has advised the public to ignore the message hence it is not held responsible to claims related to the above scams.

AirAsia has made a report to the police due to the fact that such programme is misleading and could cause huge losses to the public while at the same time protecting AirAsia’s reputation as well as the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (SKMM).

The company will not hesitate to take legal actions and begin civil and criminal proceeding to any individuals or group which organised the programme using AirAsia’s brand name.

P/S: I’d received similar e-mail on May 18 which read as follow.

Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters

Ground Floor Terminal 2

Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Old Airport Road Tanjung Aru 88100

Kota Kinabalu Sabah



The 2012 Air-Asia Exclusive Special Bonus program selection has been performed at our Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters here in Sabah, Malaysia. The 2012 Air-Asia Exclusive Special Bonus program is registered and organized in accordance with the Asian Gaming Board (A.G.B.) and the World Lottery Regulation Act (W.L.R.A.).

We are therefore pleased to officially notify you of the status of your Winnings. An official notification of Air-Asia Exclusive Special Bonus is hereby issued to you as your email ticket number; Air-Asia-09-0-96-10, with serial number; Air-Asia /01/2012, and ref no; Air-Asia /019/2010007 in batch A /6183 randomly drew for the lucky numbers 000-31-0584 which selected your email address as a winner of our Exclusive Special Bonus program selection. You have therefore consequently won the 2012 Air-Asia Exclusive Special Bonus in its first batch.

As regards the above, we have officially approved a sum payout of $130,000,00 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand United State Dollars) only to you as our  Exclusive Special Bonus winner, The 2012 Air-Asia Exclusive Special Bonus program’s Organizing Committee (L.O.C.) will immediately commence the immediate dispatch of your cheque of $130,000,00 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand United State Dollars)  as soon as you have contacted them. You are therefore advised to contact the 2012 Air-Asia Exclusive Special Bonus program’s Organizing Committee (L.O.C.) immediately as stated below;

Contact Person: JK Allen

Dispatch Officer in Charge

Email: and

 1.Full Name:……. 2.Residential Address:…..



Yours Sincerely,

Jimmy Chan


(c)2012 Air-Asia lottery program’s Organizing Committee (L.O.C.) For and on behalf of Air-Asia, Asia Pacific Regional.


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