Vietnam Moves Forward With Local Rocket Fuel Research

Vietnam has moved ahead in its rocket propellant research when recently its Institute of Technology (Air Defense – Air Force), has successfully studied the production of propellant for R-17E(scud) missiles. Agent O (oxidized substances in the composition of liquid rocket fuel) of the complex ground missiles R-17E is based on mixed acid HNO3 and N2O4 dioxide.

The research embarked by scientist from the institute was aimed to locally produce the highly prized rocket propellant in which its distribution has been strictly controlled by other foreign countries. Hence, this research is crucial to enable a local production line to manufacture rocket propellant from raw material substance O, which is HNO3 acid in water.

The Vietnam People’s Army now possesses 2,000 Scud missiles with approximately 60 to 96 launchers. Being able to locally produce rocket propellant for the missiles means that in times of war, it does not need to rely on outside sources for the supply of these propellant since local production line could easily fill in the gap.

Scud missiles has been the basis of various satellite launch vehicles such as Unha (North Korea ) and Safir (Iran).

Unha 3 rocket


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