BAKORKAMLA: Indonesia’s Coast Guard

Badan Koordinasi Keamanan Laut (BAKORKAMLA) or Maritime Safety Coordination Organisation was established in 2003 to coordinate all efforts to ensure maritime safety of Indonesian waters. Just like Malaysia’s MMEA who were manned by a mix former RMN, RMP, Customs and Marine Department’s personnel, BAKORKAMLA’s officers and sailors are mostly drawn from POLISI AIRUD as well as TNI-AL.

Little was known about the maritime organisation in this country until recently in a local Malaysian newspaper’s special edition coverage of RMN’s 78th Anniversary that its role in the MT Nautica hijacking incident was made public by one of the RMN’s commander.

During the hot pursuit of the hijacked MT Nautica tanker off the coast of Johor by RMN warships, the pirate who controlled the ship tried to escape into Indonesian waters hoping that RMN warhips would end the pursuit once they have reached the Malaysian-Indonesian border. Little that the pirates knew that the RMN had already contacted BAKORKAMLA for permission to enter Indonesian water to continue pursuing the hijacked vessel.

BAKORKAMLA’s officer with TNI-AL counterpart.

Realising that they continues to be followed by the RMN, the pirates left MT Nautica and seek refuge on the nearby island. The MT Nautica incident further highlights the effectiveness and cooperation in terms of maritime rescue and safety coordination between both countries in their fight against piracy in this part of the region.

New patrol boat being built for BAKORKAMLA

BAKORKAMLA’s catamaran boat

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